Reclamation Marks

Colon : Press published this book in 2004. The collection received a four star review in The List that October, Camilia Pia writing, “His debut collection of poetry is all about going to hell and back, with the positive theme of reclaiming the right to make your own choices running right through this simple yet effective work. The writer’s light and playful style ensures that we are never dragged too far into heavy territory, keeping many of his darkest outpourings short, and balancing powerful pieces about serious issues…with joyous anecdotes about everyday life, comic one-liners and the occasional simple yet stunning love poem. True catharsis, in literary form”.

It was published in the summer, just as the Edinburgh Festival was about to start. I used to busk material from it. I got a spot standing on a 18 inch stone domed bollard. I had to balance on it, and it was really difficult. I collected money in a bobble hat I placed on the pavement. Either side of me were loud drummers and people juggling chainsaws. It was really noisy, and I used to shout my poems out so that people could here them. I was nervous and used to shake. Balancing on the bollard made it worse. After a couple of minutes I was vibrating. It wasn’t a great look to be honest.