In 2004 Colon : Press published its first collection of poetry, Reclamation Marks, by Graeme Hawley.  You can buy Reclamation Marks by going to Shop.

The collection received a four star review in The List that October, Camilia Pia writing, "His debut collection of poetry is all about going to hell and back, with the positive theme of reclaiming the right to make your own choices running right through this simple yet effective work.  The writer's light and playful style ensures that we are never dragged too far into heavy territory, keeping many of his darkest outpourings short, and balancing powerful pieces about serious issues...with joyous anecdotes about everyday life, comic one-liners and the occasional simple yet stunning love poem.  True catharsis, in literary form"

After the release of this collection, Graeme started work on new material, and then got drawn into the performance poetry and poetry slam scene in Edinburgh.  He won the Big Word Slam in Edinburgh in March 2006, was on the winning team (Scotland) at the Three Nations Slam at the Bristol Old Vic in September 2006, and was the Scottish Poetry Slam Champion after winning the inaugural Slam Championships in March 2008 as part of the Aye Write festival  You can read a review of it here:

Whilst continuing to develop new work and perform at venues across central Scotland, Graeme was compiling a new collection under the working title "Everyday Things".  Then an idea got under his skin that he couldn't shake, which was to release the collection as sleevenotes to be read whilst listening to an album of instrumental music.  He formed a band, 56n, with his partner, and they began composing and writing.  Everyday Things became "Sleevenotes".

Delays and actual life have kept delaying the release of this work, which 56n are quite pleased about.  It has allowed the piece to mature and its identity has strengthened.  Poems have been matched with particular tracks, and 56n have been experimenting with the idea of "remixing" the music by reading a different poem to it.  It isn't an exact science, but both members of the band felt that it helped to draw out both sympathetic and contrasting themes between the words and the music.

Some of the work from the original "Everyday Things" manuscript, including pieces often performed at slams, didn't make the Sleevenotes cut, so material remains which may well find it's way into a different poetry collection.

Sleevenotes, by 56n, will be released on 24th February 2014.